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Bright Ideas and Big Savings

Whether for energy efficiency or aesthetics, the experts at MHS Industrial Supply can help you achieve your lighting goals. With state-of-the-art lighting technology, you can double or triple the rated life of your lighting and reduce your lighting energy costs by 50-70%!

Call on the lighting experts at MHS to learn more about a lighting upgrade for your facility, 419-522-2911. Utility rebates, tax incentives and financing available.

Why MHS Industrial Supply Lighting?

Imagine exit signs that don’t use any electricity. How about lights you will never have to replace? Your facility’s lighting makes up 40% of the total electrical usage, according to the US Department of Energy. If you reduce your lighting use by 50%, you will cut your electrical expense by 20%. That’s two months of free power a year. And you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the lighting. In fact, it will get better.

What you can expect from the lighting experts at MHS

  • People to help you meet your goals and put your needs first

  • Professional evaluation by specialists in commercial lighting

  • Upgrading to the state-of-the-art technology

  • Doubling or tripling the rated life of your lighting

  • Reducing your lighting energy costs by 50% to 75%

  • Visible Results

How do you know if a lighting upgrade is for you?

  • If you have old style fluorescent (known as T12), incandescent, sodium, mercury vapor, or metal halide bulbs in your facility.

  • If you generally have your lights on more than 8 hours a day. This includes exterior lights.

  • If you have light bulbs that are particularly difficult or time consuming to reach when they burn out.

  • If you want to improve your customer and employee experience.

What can you expect to pay for a lighting upgrade?

  • Our experts will perform a no cost or obligation lighting survey to determine your specific options.

  • While a lighting upgrade is a capital investment, most projects pay back within 24 to 36 months, with some returning the investment in as little as a year.

  • Electric utility rebates can reduce the cost by 10% to 20%.

  • Government tax incentives can save an additional 30%.

  • Combined with low interest financing, you could be cash flow positive the day you turn your new lights on.

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